Dough, cream, eggs, and anything else you have in your fridge or cupboards: that's all you need for a great quiche! Its simplicity is what makes it so accessible and popular. Discover Chefclub's recipes!


The quiche is getting higher at Chefclub! Goat cheese becomes real skyscrapers and the filling of the quiche rises above the plates to impress your guests! Even a basic quiche turns into an unusual recipe when Chefclub makes it. This ham and leek quiche will be a total success!

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Quiche gets a lot of attention at Chefclub because it's simple, quick, and loved by all. Quiche is a versatile recipe that can be made from scratch or with help from the grocery store. With ingredients like goat cheese, peppers, zucchinis, and eggs, these recipes are sure to make quiche a staple in your house.

Have fun with this everyday recipe by transforming it into an extraordinary dish. These are some of our favorite quiches, which one will you try first?

Art comes to dinner

Make your quiche look like a work of art with our Chefclub dinner hacks! We've got 6 recipes that will allow you to become the Bob Ross of quiches, so get ready and invite your friends over. It's time for quiche!

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This way to the kitchen!

We're not leaving kids out of the fun, and in fact, we've got a quiche recipe just for them: A milky way of vegetables and sausage stars. It's so cute kids will finish their whole plate, and thanks to Kiddoz, they can make this recipe all by themselves. Dive into our delicious world of kid-friendly food!

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A mountain-style snack

The perfect winter quiche! Halfway between a sandwich, tartiflette, and quiche, it's a total delight. The recipe is simple, and the finished product will warm you right up. The sharable bread is dipped in a cheese enriched by quiche. Life-changing.

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On a bed of zucchinis

Watching what you eat? This recipe is for you. How do you make a light quiche you ask? The answer is filo dough, which makes for a light and crispy crust. Goat cheese and zucchini add flavor, making the recipe come together quickly for a satisfying dinner when you're in the mood for a light meal.

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Debates are raging over the real recipe for Quiche Lorraine. You need bacon, that's for sure! For the rest, at Chefclub, we tend to abide by the rule, "the chef knows best"! The advantage of this egg and cream base is that it makes it easy to invest as many variations as you can dream up. Just follow our lead, and you'll be a Quiche Lorraine pro in no time.