The freakiest meal of the year is almost here! The costumes are ready, and the fun-size candy is overflowing, but the scariest question has yet to be answered: What will you cook for Halloween?! Haunt your table with a meal as good as it is scary by using recipes as original as they are terrifying. After you finish trick or treating, sit down to a meal cooked with your gathered candy and pantry staples. It's going to be as spooky, and fun, as your neighborhood haunted house.

When it comes to Halloween, some recipes are must-haves! Candy is at the top of the list, but don't forget pumpkins, both for carving and eating — we hear Jack O' Lantern soup is a great option.

Next up, let your imagination run wild, and you've come to the right place! Chefclub is known for thinking outside the squash! We're here to help you create an edible world of monsters, zombies, spiders, and mummies. It's Halloween! There are no limits.