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We are a team of 50 people from all over the world working in Paris.

It all started in Paris, back in February 2016. In the beginning, there were 3 brothers, who were neither cooking experts or comfortable working a camera. They had the desire to transform the kitchen into a space for sharing. Despite this desire, their first videos were flawed and the recipes were rough. But they persevered. The recipes that followed became more flavorful and their style continued to develop. But they were limited in their skills — some of the filming lasted up to 48 hours! Fortunately, the goal was not perfection, and they invested their time and effort into structuring a new brand: A brand in line with the growing market of cooking in our lives. Far from the utilitarian dimension that characterized it before, cooking has become a social subject, a platform for sharing and entertainment. Through perseverance, they were able to express these ideas in the first Chefclub videos, so little-by-little they began to gain followers and the support of a community that rallied around these values.

Fortunately for the future of Chefclub, these clearly expressed values resonated with people much more talented than us. Chefs, experts, and cooking enthusiasts all joined Chefclub! Together we explore the world transformed by social media platforms, where cooking occupies a very important place.

The Chefclub Team, May 2018
The Chefclub Team, May 2018
We are a multicultural team of talent from all 4 corners of the world. Our passion for cooking brings us together in Paris. We learn from each other, we innovate together, and we always have food on the mind.

We assembled a team of culinary talents from all over the world: French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Brazilian, American, German, Argentinian, Mexican... Thanks to Europe, which helped teach us about diversity, we are aware of the differences in culture and gastronomy around the world. Combined with a passion and expertise that grows stronger every day, we are now equipped to make Chefclub a specialist brand, ready to inspire the world from the kitchen.

The beginning...
3 brothers
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We are always looking for new talent to share in the Chefclub adventure. The team is built around different areas of expertise: cooking, nutrition, filming, animation, marketing, and analytic development. The work is hard and intense, but we are inspired every day by the incredible Chefclub community ❤️