Romantic Drink for Two

It's like a tunnel of love, for your mouth! ❤️🦢❤️

15 minutes - 2 people

Made by you!


2/3 cups dark chocolate

20 strawberries

1/3 cup lemon juice

2 LBS ice cubes

Rock salt

10 raspberries

Cotton candy



1 large glass

1 hand mixer

2 Ziploc bags

1. Dip the edges of the glass into the melted dark chocolate. Mix the strawberries with the lemon juice. Pour this mixture into a freezer bag, seal well to ensure the salt won't get into the strawberry mixture. Place the ice cubes with rock salt in the second bag.

2. Place the bag with the strawberry into the bag with the ice cubes, close and shake until the strawberry juice becomes frosty.

3. Pour the strawberry slushie into the glass and arrange the raspberries on top. Place the cotton candy in the bowl and pour the prosecco over it. Serve with a straw, or two ;)