Exploding Cocktail Cups

The official drink of party town. 🍹🤪🎈

Total time: 15 minutes

Ingredients for 3 people

3 fl oz whiskey

17 fl oz Coca-cola ®

3 fl oz rum

17 fl oz orange juice

20 fl oz ,int liquor

1 lime

1 orange


3 small water bottles with sport caps

3 water balloons

1 long skewer

3 large cardboard cups

Step 1/4

Mix the whiskey and Coca-Cola ® in one bottle, rum and orange juice in another and pour the mint liquor into the last one. Screw on the sport caps and attach the balloons to them. Fill the balloons with the cocktails and tie them closed.

Step 2/4

Thread the balloons onto the skewer by pricking them through the knot and suspend them them in the cardboard cups.

Step 3/4

Arrange slices of lime in the cup with the whiskey, slices of orange in the one with the rum, and mint in the last one. Fill the cups with water and freeze for 2 hours.

Step 4/4

When they come out of the freezer, cut away cups from the ice cubes. Puncture the balloons into the ice cubes to release the cocktails. Remove the skewer with the leftover balloons and enjoy!