Creepy Halloween Shots

Can you stomach them?!?!

Total time: 10 minutes

Ingredients for 6 people



Tonic water

Sour string candy


Red grapes

Lime juice


Peach schnapps®

Sour Apple Pucker®


Shot glasses

Metal spoon



Step 1/3

Eyeball Cocktail: Fill a shot glass halfway with vodka then add a splash of grenadine. Top up the shot glass with tonic water. Place the green and red sour strings in the shot. Insert a grape into a lychee and secure with a toothpick and garnish each shot with the fruit eyeball.

Step 2/3

Brain Shot: Fill 1/4 of a shot glass with lime juice. Fill the rest of the shot glass with vodka. Using a straw, carefully add Baileys® into the vodka to look like a brain.

Step 3/3

Zombie Shot: Fill 2/3 of the shot glass with peach schnapps and Sour Apple Pucker. Place a spoon on top of the shot and pour the Baileys® into the shot over the back of the spoon. Finish with grenadine and watch as the Baileys® is pulled into the green mixture to look like a zombie brain!

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