Easy Dinner Recipes 🥩🥕🥦

Do you ever feel in a rut about what to cook for dinner? We've all been there before...It's easy to get into a routine and make the same go-to meals. However sometimes all you need is a little cooking inspiration, and Chefclub is here to do exactly that! ✨ Check out our selection of easy and delicious dinner recipes that the whole family will love!

Cheesesteak Potato Pies

Everything good in one little skillet 🤤 Delicious mini potato pies are the perfect easy and comforting dinner recipe! With a full serving of veggies and gluten-free, this meal will leave you feeling satisfied 😍 If you love cheesesteak, you have to try this!

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Tater Tot Pie

Chicken pot pie revolutionized 🥧🤩 Test out this delicious twist on an old classic! Chicken pot pie is a comfort food staple and a great easy weeknight meal. We've taken this old-time classic and brought it to the next level by adding homemade tater tots! Yes, you read that right, homemade! And it's a lot easier than you would think. Check out our recipe video to see how easy tater tots are to make using our fool-proof cooking tips!

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Spam Squares

Piled high with homemade fried rice 🍚🤤 Check out this asian food classic, reinvented! We've turned salty Spam into a delicious all-in-one dinner. This meal comes together in no time thanks to our quick and easy fried rice hack!

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3 Sauce Chicken Boats

Made-to-order shredded chicken with delicious potato stacks! This might just be the easiest dinner ever. You have to try our mouth-watering chicken boats that are perfect for meal-prep. Prepare these ahead of time with your favorite sauces and marinades and enjoy with duck fat potatoes 😋

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4 Cheese Taco Crepes

With deep fried chicken & ham skewers 😁🧀 If you love cheese and you love tacos, then this recipe is for you! Try out our yummy deep fried chicken and cheese sticks that we've paired with our tumeric taco shells 😍

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