Outstanding Culinary Series

And this very highly anticipated award, sought after by the world’s finest chefs, goes to…. The Crown! 

Discover 7 Recipes for 7 Emmys, bringing royal taste into your home kitchen! ⬇️

Chocolate Chip Brioche 🍪

Nomination for outstanding tasteful decoration

This warm chocolate chip brioche earned its nomination for its decadent melted chocolate decoration! Let's be honest, this is the most beautiful crown we have ever seen on a cake! Get your scissors ready, this recipe involves more than just baking!

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Carbonara Crown 🍝

Nomination for the cheesiest plate-performance

Our savory pasta crown includes crispy spaghetti with delicious hidden pieces of ham and egg, and of course, a pool of melted cheese in the center for dipping!

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Pizza Crown 🍕

Nomination for the best pizza shape

Keep rollin’, rollin’, rollin’! Have you ever rolled up a pizza dough filled with yummy toppings and given it a special twist? You should try it! It's fun, decorative, and most importantly, extraordinarily delicious!

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Stuffed pasta crown 🍜

Nomination for an al dente culinary pleasure

These delicious main actors are called shell shaped for a reason! These gorgeous shells are served in an ocean of cheese and cream sauce, making for the perfect Mediterranean dish. They definitely deserve the award for outstanding taste!

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Mediterranean pastry crown 🫒

Nomination for a oldie but goodie recipe with classic ingredients

This recipe is one of our oldest hits! Try out Mediterranean lifestyle with tomatoes, feta cheese, and of course, olive oil!

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Nutella Banana Crown 🍫

Nomination for an outstanding recipe love story

There’s no greater love story than that of bananas and Nutella! These two are a true match made in heaven and so delicious on their own. However, we still had to add some puff pastry to make a crown!

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Potato Crowns 🥔

Nomination for an outstanding crown interpretation

In comparison to our other recipes, these little crowns are real eye-catchers. One crown per plate is the motto, so get your family ready, press play to watch the crown, and dinner is served!

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Banana Tiramisu 🍌

Nomination for an outstanding partnership

How great is the collaboration between bananas and chocolate? As far as this recipe goes, we might just say that it is the perfect combination! Shape, texture, and taste are all outstanding in this recipe. Bravo for this taste performance!

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Nutella Mistletoe Crown 🍩

Nomination for an outstanding Christmas dessert

Chocolate spread is one of the most delicious hits in the kitchen during winter! Especially when it's baked on dough and served warm. Save this recipe for your Christmas Eve celebrations (and the weeks before...and after)

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