Football, wrestling, soccer… The sports schedule for the upcoming days is jam-packed and sure to be the highlight of your week! But do you want a way to be even closer to your favorite athletes? 

Discover our Extreme Kitchen Rules and get your meal prep ready for game day! ⬇️

49ers Chicken breasts?

Just kidding - sorry! But get your chicken ready to be packed (like the Packers)! These chicken waffles are literally packed with flavor and a must for your game day prep! Extreme Rule number 1: Chicken is packed full of protein!

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Lifetime Cheeseburger for Aaron Rodgers

A restaurant in Green Bay recently offered Aaron and his family a lifetime of free burgers. Cheeseburgers-All-Day-Long will be the name of his retirement plan! So, why not try a little preview of what Aaron’s future retirement will taste like!  Extreme Rule number 2: Become a famous football player, and you will never be hungry again!

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Ric Flair and his steak

Did you hear that Ric Flair, the world's best wrestler, was recently spotted at a steak house with a massive bill ($368 to be exact)? Well, you too, can eat like a pro, without the expensive bill, of course! Prepare our stuffed rib eye steak for a fatty 5-star meal! Enjoy your steak and remember Extreme Rule number 3: Fat-free is not the answer

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Peter Vanderkaay’s Peanut butter

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have been added to the menu for next season! Thank you so much, Peter! He specifies that natural peanut butter contains a lot of magnesium and is a great source of unsaturated fats! Hallelujah, get the PB & J sandwiches ready, and don’t forget: Extreme Rule number 4: Peanut butter is good for you!

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The 8 egg omelet

We’re breakfasting like Drew McIntyre with an 8 egg omelet! We hope that Mr. McIntyre finds our recipe! With this technique, he can easily add 8 more eggs for the rest of the family! 

He even likes to add some ham and cheese for a little extra indulgence, and of course, flavor. Which brings us to our last rule: Extreme Rule no 5: No sports without flavor!

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