Food on a Stick

Looking for ways to bring the State Fair home? This week at Chefclub, we're sharing our best food on a stick recipes so you can experience fair food anytime of year! Try our pancakes on a stick for a sweet breakfast treat, or our noodle dogs for a crazy hot dog and ramen fusion! 🍭🌭🥞

Pancakes on a Stick

This breakfast is poppin' 😍🍭🥞

Is brunch your favorite meal? Are pancakes your jam? Then we've got the recipe for you! Try out our super easy pancakes on a stick recipe! Simply prepare your favorite pancake batter and make pancake bites using a... muffin tin! Yes, you read that right! This easy and fun recipe is ready in no-time and is sure to be a hit with the whole family! 🥞

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Noodle Dog

Yes, we went there :)

Calling all ramen and hot dog lovers! We've made the ultimate cheese hot dog wrapped in savory ramen noodles! Enjoy our ramen noodle hot dog on a stick as a filling lunch or tasty appetizer 🌭🍜

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Breakfast on a Stick

Hash browns, eggs, bacon, cheese... what's not to love?! 😍🥓🍳

Breakfast lovers, we have the recipe for you! Enjoy all of your favorite breakfast foods, on a stick! This meal is stacked and loaded with everything from crispy hash browns to bacon! 😍🥓🍳

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