The Chefclub Friends

Maurice, Lola, Carlton, Colette, Elvis & les Kikitos

Organized gang? Band of misfits? Troublemakers? Our clique of little characters is a little bit of all that at the same time! We would like to introduce you to these 6 friends with hearts as big as their stomachs.

This resourceful sailor became a chef because of his love for people and food. He considers the brigade his family.
Personality: Goat cheese and honey. Strong personality and sweetness on a slice of crusty bread!
Fan of: Hard rock!
Favorite vegetable: Cauliflower! Roasted, with cheese, or as a velvety soup, Maurice loves it for its simplicity, its comfort, and its ability to reinvent itself!
Catchphrase: To the taaaaaable!

The English, in exile for reasons unknown... What makes him up? 1 hint of phlegm, 1 bottle of milk, and 5 poker chips!
Personality: Milk and coffee. Emphasis on the milk, but slightly spicy!
Fan of: Milk. Cow, sheep, donkey, buffalo, soy, and oat: all kinds of milk, even plant-based!
Favorite vegetable: The pumpkin, to simply enjoy it as a velvety soup with some cream and a wedge of cheese!
Catchphrase: Always land on your feet.

Lola left a life of luxury in the United States for the country of cheese, which she is addicted to! An adventurer at heart, this sweetheart travels with a smile and her smartphone in hand.
Personality: Muster cheese: both firm and melty at the same time...
Fan of: Travel... and cheese, duh!
Favorite vegetable: All vegetables are delicious, but asparagus takes the lead because the tips look like flowers when gathered in a bunch!
Catchphrase: Say "cheeeeeese"!

One for all, all for chicks! They escaped from a factory of chicks in Argentina and were taken in by Colette. They're so cute, we'd trust them completely without any doubt...
Personality: Thai chilies! Small and cute, but terribly spicy!
Fans of: Heavy metal (they're small but sturdy!)
Favorite vegetable: The pea: simple, tasty, and especially smaller than les Kikitos, they enjoy gobbling them up!
Catchphrase: Peep peep peep peep…