But don’t forget, it has to be easy to eat because all of our focus is on the game and the latest plays! So don’t miss a second of the game with our finger food recipes that will let you watch the game without having to get up for snack breaks!  ⬇️

Mozzarella Stick Fries

Everybody knows that Mozzarella sticks are a game day classic! You truly can't go wrong with fried food on game day, they're practically a match made in heaven... but what if we told you that you could make something even better than mozzarella sticks... mozzarella stick FRIES! So, what are you waiting for? Put this recipe into play for your next game day party!

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Appetizer Dogs

Grab one, sit down, and get ready to watch the game! You don’t want to miss the most important minute of the enjoy fun appetizers while watching pro athletes get the job done!

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Pulled Pork Mountain

This is the best Game Day appetizer that you can snack on without missing the game! We’ve taken your two favorite appetizers, pulled pork and chips, and combined them into one giant dish, complete with ranch for dipping of course! You, too, can join the ring with this recipe!

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Sausage party

Easy preparation, ready in no-time, and so delicious! This game day take on pigs in a blanket is sure to be a real crowd pleaser!  Enjoy these appetizer bites during the first half of the game and score big with your family and friends.

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Tex-mex Taco Pie

The game is getting tense, everyone’s on their toes, stress levels are through the roof! We get it! And everyone knows that when the game gets tense, you have to have a good snacking food to ease the tensions. Well, look no further! Unwind with our ultimate taco dip and a nice cold beer, all while rooting for your team!

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