Chefclub's Story

See how it all started!

Chefclub's Story

January 2021
New Projects Coming Soon!

We are busy working on our next Chefclub Kids project! Stay tuned!

January 2019

That's more than the population of France!

May 2019
Chefclub Cooking Utensils!

Chefclub debuts it's line of cooking tools.

January 2019
Over 250,000 Books Sold!

Thank you all!

November 2018

Thank you all!

August 2018
Chefclub Kids!

Time for the kids to have some fun in the kitchen!

January 2018
32 Chefclub Adventurers!

Look at this stunning team!

May 2018
The New Chefclub Offices!

Chefclub found a new home and a new look!

February 2018
Chefclub Light & Fun!

It's time to focus on the lighter things in life.

December 2017
20 Chefclub Adventurers!

Things are starting to feel "a little" cramped...

Best of Volume 1!

Chefclub publishes it's first book featuring all your favorite videos! Available in English!

June 2017
First Conference Room!

Thomas's room seems like it would work for our conference room.

April 2017
15 Chefclub Adventurers!

The Chefclub team is growing.

May 2017
Chefclub Cocktails!

Taking a moment to toast Chefclub's success.

April 2017
One Bedroom at a Time!

As projects multiply, it's time for Axel to give up his bedroom to become a filming studio.

February 2017
Living Room Takeover

Jonathan's bedroom is too small so Chefclub is expanding to the living room.

February 2017

The like us! They really like us!

May 2016
Chefclub Expands!

Setting out to conquer the world- one cooking video at a time!

April 2016
Having Fun in the Kitchen!

Chefclub's DNA is becoming clearer- to offer extraordinary recipes with ordinary ingredients.

March 2016
The "Offices" are Growing!

Needing some elbow room. Jonathan's bedroom is transformed into the Chefclub's office!

February 2016
Chefclub's First Video!

The idea comes alive!

February 2016
Kitchen Takeover!

The Lang's family kitchen was the first filming studio!

February 2016
Chefclub was Born!

Axel, Jonathan, and Thomas Lang, three brothers with a lot of ambition and the start of a great adventure!