The Chefclub chefs come from all backgrounds and each have their own unique and fascinating story to tell. Want to know more? Keep reading to get to know our superstar chefs!

His superpower? Call him The Tenderizer! He can turn any piece of meat into the juiciest tacos you'll ever have.

Where is he from? Oscar is from Houston, Texas, and is a self-taught chef who learned everything through practice and experience.  

Once upon a time… He started working as a server and became restaurant manager at several restaurants after that. 

How did he become a chef? His interest in the kitchen started at a BBQ place, so he asked to help out in the kitchen, and in six months became the chef of that restaurant.

His greatest hits: Whether it's Tex-Mex foods or down South BBQ, the dishes he is most proud of are those close to his Texan roots. This includes life's simple things like mouthwatering, cheese-dripping burgers, delicious out-of-this-world tacos, and 16-hour smoked briskets and other smoked meats!


Her superpower: She's a reverse engineer! She can make anything from scratch! Pies, macarons, and cinnamon rolls don't stand a chance against her!

Where is she from? Kate is from Charleston, South Carolina, and has been baking up cookies  with her mother in the kitchen since her childhood. 

Why baking? She always had a love for baking, but realized the extent of it one semester when she fell in love with the French culture of pastries and bread. She started working at a local Charleston bakery and then flew to France to go to baking school. 

An evolving baker: While she quickly became a pastry chef in the US, and even though she is a French-trained chef, she always aims to discover new ingredients and techniques in order to become change the way we see pastries and baking.

Her specialty? American classics from pancakes to waffles and cinnamon rolls to French toast, but made from scratch. Brunch is a huge part of her cooking because it's a nice way to socialize and share a moment with people she loves.


His superpower: He is a secret mastermind! He can entice anyone with the history and origins of foods we eat today! 

Where is he from? Burton is from Grenada, Mississippi, and he started his food journey at 10 years old in his grandmother's kitchen. 

His favorite dish: His best memories are with his grandma making jambalaya. 

What is he excellent at making? He really loves making tiramisu, Swiss brioche and baking in general. 

What kitchens has he conquered? Burton has worked at many bakeries, at James Beard Award and Michelin-starred restaurants throughout the US and Europe. 

BBQ vs. Salads: Although he enjoys cooking meat, he enjoys cooking healthy pescatarian recipes the most.