Discover easy hacks!

Discover easy hacks for your slow cooker, cupcake baking, and cocktails. With these little tips & tricks, you’ll have more fun in the kitchen, and your cooking life will be so much easier!  

Pimp your Cupcakes

Everyone knows that some of the best cupcakes come from the grocery store, but of course, you don’t want your friends to know that you chose the easy option. No need to worry, though. Just watch our video to see how you can pimp your cupcakes!

Slow Cooker Hacks

The slow cooker’s your favorite gadget? Wait till you see our hacks that will make you appreciate it even more! All you need is your slow cooker, the ingredients for your meal, and a lot of creativity! 

The motto is: nothing is impossible!

The best Cocktail Hacks

Can you drink Cotton Candy? What can you do with 1 package of Skittles? How can you make red cabbage palatable? This and more questions we will be answered in our cocktail hacks video!