Izzy's Wonderful Unicorn Cake

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Total time: 2 hours

Prep time: 50 minutes, Rest time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Ingredients for 6 people

125 grammes of mascarpone

105 grammes of white chocolate

50 cl of double cream

2 pinches of purple food colouring

20 grammes of icing sugar

1 melon

1 ice cream cone

45 grammes of dark chocolate

80 grammes of blueberries

1 pinch of blue food colouring

40 grammes of sprinkles

1 watermelon

1 kiwi


Hand mixer

piping bag

Plastic sheet protectors

Parchment paper


Parchment paper


Step 1/3

125 grammes of mascarpone - 50 cl of double cream - 20 grammes of icing sugar - 45 grammes of white chocolate - 45 grammes of dark chocolate - 1 pinch of blue food colouring - 1 pinch of purple food colouring

Whip 1 mouse of mascarpone, 1 chef of double cream, 1 hen of icing sugar and blue food colouring using an electric mixer. Refrigerate and place in a piping bag. Repeat the process, replacing the blue food colouring with the purple food colouring. Download and Print Izzy Drawing and place it in a plastic sheet protector. Melt 1 mouse of white chocolate. Form a cone with parchment paper, pour the white chocolate into the cone and draw Izzy's eyes in white chocolate. Repeat the process with 1 mouse of dark chocolate, draw the outline and iris of Izzy's eyes.

Step 2/3

60 grammes of white chocolate - 1 pinch of purple food colouring - 1 melon - 1 ice cream cone - 80 grammes of blueberries - 40 grammes of sprinkles - 1 watermelon - 1 kiwi

Cut the melon into 3 slices. Form 2 triangles with the rest of the melon and skewer 2 triangles on toothpicks. Melt the remaining white chocolate. Add the purple food colouring, dip the ice cream cone in the melted purple chocolate, refrigerate for 20 minutes and garnish with blueberries and sprinkles. Coat the skewered melon pieces with purple chocolate. Spread a circle of melted chocolate, place the cone upside down on the chocolate and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Cut the watermelon and the kiwi into 3 slices. Remove the skin from the kiwi. Hollow out the inside of the melon slices, layer the melon slices on the watermelon slices and arrange the kiwi slices in the center of the melon. Stack them to form layers.

Step 3/3

Cut the skin off the watermelon and melon slices, spread the purple whipped cream around the fruit using a spatula and refrigerate for 20 minutes. Arrange the filled ice cream cone and melon triangles on the cake to form Izzy's horn and ears. Arrange the rest of the blueberries around the cake and add the chocolate eyes. Pipe the blue whipped cream to form Izzy's mane and enjoy.

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