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Chocolate cake, mousse, tempered chocolate desserts or Easter eggs: discover our tips to make your homemade chocolate desserts a complete success.

This technique consists of melting the chocolate in a double boiler while avoiding excessive temperature variations which modify the composition of the chocolate. For dark chocolate, melt it at about 120 °F, then off the heat, lower it to 80 °F, before heating it again to about 85 °F before use. For milk or white chocolate, heat to approximately 110 °F, gradually lower to 80 °F off the heat and then back up to 85 °F before use. Mold your chocolate at the final temperature before letting it set.

Our Charming Chocolate Cup Recipe

Fans of chocolate and cooking with the family... Prepare your homemade chocolates in a simple way. You can choose to create your own from three classic ingredients: cocoa powder, cocoa butter and sugar, and then adapt the quantities to obtain the sweetness you desire. You can also melt some chocolate, either into bars or pieces, then add milk, cream, nuts, etc. Mould your chocolate mixture and let it set in a cool place. Your homemade chocolates are ready to be shared, offered, or enjoyed.

Our Hazelnut & Caramel Chocolate Recipe

It's Sunday morning, and the start of the chocolate egg hunt has occurred... But why chocolate? From the third century, during Lent, eggs are no longer eaten and end up piled in the kitchens. Every Easter Sunday, they are offered and cooked with all kinds of sauces. Until about ten centuries later, they started to be filled with chocolate sauce and then replaced entirely by chocolate. Since then, eggs, but also rabbits and chickens, are molded out of chocolate just for the occasion.

Our Chocolate Mousse Balls Recipe