Cakes are much more than just a simple dessert, they’re a piece of art...something to be admired! Have you ever seen beautiful cakes on Youtube or in the shops of fancy bakeries and thought, I wish I could decorate cakes like that. Well, blow out your candles because your wish is about to come true! We’re showing you our best, most clever cake decorating techniques, so you can decorate like a pro!

Bake my dreams true! ⏬

Here at Chefclub, the motto is simple: keep calm and keep decorating cakes! Cake decorating isn’t just for the pros, it’s for everyone, which is why we’ve rounded up our no-skills-needed cake decorating techniques! These simple and creative hacks use objects you already have in your kitchen to create jaw-dropping cakes. Learn to pipe like a pro, create a drippy cake, or even a mesmerizing color changing cake with our cake design tips!

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