What is Chefclub Academy? A Masterclass designed to help you discover and learn to cook recipes from around the world! 🌎 We have carefully selected 5 gourmet recipes from a selection of countries known for their culinary traditions. By learning to make these recipes, you will become an expert in some of the greatest cuisines from around the world! So put on your best apron and make all 5 recipes from the country of your choice. Then simply take a picture of your dishes and post them in our app to validate your Masterclass and receive your diploma! 🎓

Chefclub Academy China 🇨🇳

Nihao, this is a soy sauce flavored hello from China! I bet you have at least one Chinese dish on your comfort food list...let me guess, General Tso’s chicken or fried rice? 🥡 As delicious as these comfort food classics are, we can offer you more! When ancient cuisine meets new ideas, your mind will be blown! Get ready, these 5 recipes will help you turn your kitchen into a 5 star takeout restaurant and spice up your weekend nights! 🥢