Dress(ert) up for the Met Gala ✨

Didn’t get an invite to the Met Gala? Don’t worry, you can join the show nevertheless! Here at Chefclub, the motto is DRESS(ERT) UP.

We’re bringing the best outfits to the kitchen. Discover for yourself how our recipes are taking the world of fashion by storm. ⬇️

Our 4th of July Cake might be just the perfect fit for his colorful taste.

The taste of Tyler

What do Lola and Camila Cabello have in common? The same taste, obviously! But is it also true for cakes?

Bring Camila home to you

Our fancy Lucky Cheesecake has more influence than you can imagine. None other than Asap Rocky was inspired by our cake for his met gala look. 

Cultivate your inner Asap Rocky

You think this recipe is out of season? Absolutely not! Check out Virgil Abloh’s outfit and you’ll see- real taste has no season! 

Timeless Wonder Recipe 

What do our cake decorations and Serena Williams have in common? The same eye for shapes and forms!

Click here for the Serena Cake Hack

Kim Petras seems to like ponies as much as we do. She’s wearing it on her body, we’re enjoying it in our bellies!

Join the Ranch Party

Swirling lines, rich and decadent in color… does this make you think of caramel or chocolate? Or Valentina Sampaio’s dress? Good news! No answer needed because we’re transforming her dress into a mouthwatering dessert! 

Discover this deliciousness