Lucky Cheesecake!

A super fun and easy decoration technique you need to save and use again!


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Total time: 20 minutes

Ingredients for 8 people

2 cups of cream cheese

1/2 cup of powdered sugar

1 tbsp of vanilla extract

2 sticks butter

1/2 cup of heavy cream

1 box of lucky charms cereal

1 cup of hershey's chocolate syrup

Step 1/3

Open your box of Lucky Charms and separate the marshmallows from the cereal. Put the cereal in a plastic bag and crush using a rolling pin, then pour in a mixing bowl. Add melted butter and stir. In another bowl, mix the cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla extract and heavy cream.

Step 2/3

Take two large cylindical plastic bottles and remove the tops, then slice a piece of the side off of each. They should fit together to make a mold for your log. Add the cream cheese mixture to the mold and create a well in the center using the end of a spoon, then fill the well with chocolate syrup. Cover with the cereal mixture then the rest of the cream cheese mixture, then refrigerate 4 hours.

Step 3/3

Remove from the mold, cereal-side down. Cover in marshmallows, slice and enjoy.

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