Halloween Punch

It will make you lose your head!


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Total time: 6 minutes

Ingredients for 60 people

2/3 cup of grenadine syrup

2 tsp of agar agar

1/2 cup of cream

ice cubes

1 cup of mint liqueur

5 cups of sprite lemonade

Step 1/4

Heat the grenadine in a saucepan with the agar agar. When the powder has dissolved remove from the heat and divide the mix into 2 bowls. Add the cream into one half of the mix.

Step 2/4

Stretch out and tie together the straws, then place them in a tall glass. Pour first the clear grenadine mixture into them, then the mix with the cream. Leave to set in the fridge for 1 hour.

Step 3/4

Place the photo inside the plastic wallet, then glue the edges to seal it and make it waterproof. Add the picture inside a large jar or container, then add ice and the mint liqueur and the lemonade.

Step 4/4

Remove the straws and squeeze the jelly worms out of them into glasses. Add the green cocktail mixture over them and serve.

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