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10 minutes - 2 people

Made by you!


Raspberry sauce




Cocoa powder


Vanilla ice cream

Pearl sugar

White chocolate




Skittles ®

Dark chocolate

Chocolate mousse




Coton candy

Toblerone ®

Candy laces


Turkey breast

Coppa (italian ham)

Cherry tomatoes




Tomato sauce


Passion fruit sauce


1 slotted spoon

1 lighter

1. Dip your hand in raspberry sauce and place it on a plate to make a bloody hand print. Place a brownie on top and add raspberries and mint.

2. Place a slotted spoon on a plate and dust cocoa powder overtop. Clean the edges with paper towel and arrange raspberries all around the cocoa circle. Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the center and decorate with sugar pearls.

3. Heat the edge of a bar of white chocolate and place it on a dark plate to draw a white grid. Place macaroons and raspberries on the grid.

4. Cover a tart with cotton candy and melt it with a lighter. Add some mini-marshmallows on top and enjoy.

5. Form 2 circles of Skittles ® on a plate and then pour hot water into the plate. Place a brownie in the center and decorate with more Skittles ®.

6. Drizzles lines of dark chocolate in some chocolate mousse, then scoop some into the center of a plate. Decorate with strawberries and hazelnuts.

7. Melt the ends of the triangles of a Toblerone ® and draw lines with them on a white plate. Put a tart on top and decorate with a square of chocolate and mint.

8. Decorate a tart with hazelnuts dipped in caramel to obtain caramel spikes. Stick cotton candy on the spikes and add sprinkles.

9. Draw serpentine shapes on a plate with 2 candy laces and dust them with paprika. Remove the candies, leaving outlines, and place a turkey breast on the paprika. Add coppa, cherry tomatoes, and sprinkle with chopped parsley.

10. Fry cooked spaghetti in a pan of hot oil. Place the fried pasta on slices of cooked eggplant. Add tomato sauce and a basil leaf.

11. Heat a square of chocolate to melt the edges slightly and stamp it several times on a plate to form squares. Add macaroons, raspberries and mint on top.

12. Place a plate on a turntable. Place the corner of a chocolate square in the center of the plate and spin it to draw a chocolate spiral on the plate. Place a tart in the center and decorate with blackberries and pistachios.

13. On a plate on a turntable, draw a dot of raspberry sauce then 5 dots of passion fruit sauce around it. Place a brush on the dots and then spin the plate. Add macaroons, blueberries and mini-marshmallows.

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