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Total time: 5 minutes

Prep time: 5 minutes

Ingredients for 2 people

food coloring

white vinegar







cherry tomato


White flowers




Colored paper


Coton rounds

Dishwashing liquid

Chefclub printouts

Plastic bag



Bottle cap

Plastic syringe




Empty paper towel roll

Step 1/12

Place white flowers in glasses of water and then pour a few drops of food coloring into the water. Wait a little while and the flowers will change color.

Step 2/12

Place the ink from a highlighter in a glass of vinegar and place 1 egg in it. Wait several days and then remove the egg. It has become soft as a ball. Illuminate with a flashlight: it is translucent.

Step 3/12

Place half an inverted lemon on a plate and stick a skewer into it. Draw a swirl on a sheet of colored paper and then cut the swirl with scissors to the center. Stretch the resulting swirl and place the center at the top of the skewer with the spiral falling towards the lemon. Place a lighted candle next to the lemon to turn the spiral.

Step 4/12

Pour milk onto a plate and add dots of food coloring to it. Soak cotton round with dishwashing liquid and place it in the middle of the plate so that the food coloring begins moving!

Step 5/12

Print Chefclub templates of small cards. Place each card in a small plastic pocket. Draw bathing suits for the characters with markers on the pockets. Dip the pockets in a glass of water to make the swimsuits appear!

Step 6/12

Place Skittles on a plate in a pattern. Pour hot water over the Skittles so that the colors mix on the plate.

Step 7/12

Fill a glass one-third full with water and put blue dye in it. Pour the same amount of honey into the glass and then the same of white vinegar. Place a key in the glass that falls to the bottom, a cherry tomato that remains in the middle and a plastic cap that floats on the water.

Step 8/12

Pour paint into a glass of oil using the plastic syringe to form droplets. Mix and then pour into a glass of water. The paint will clump together at the top.

Step 9/12

Burn an egg with the flame of a candle to blacken it. Place in a glass of water to change its color.

Step 10/12

Draw 2 arrows in opposite directions on a post-it and make it stand up. Place a glass in front of it and fill it up to the height of the first arrow: it changes direction!

Step 11/12

Inflate a balloon and then rub it with an empty paper towel roll. The balloon sticks to the roll!

Step 12/12

Place 5 glasses side by side and fill the first, third and last with water. Place a different food coloring in each. Place a sheet of damp paper towel between each glass, which soaks in the liquid and enters the empty glass. The water circulates and mixes the colors!

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