12 Recipes to Try According to the Stars

Sun sign in Cronut, Moon sign in Grilled Cheese, and Rising sign in Onigiri

Earth signs give comfort foods, air signs give sweet and sour, water signs give eating pints of ice cream using serving spoons, and fire signs give spicy goodness. We compiled a list of recipes to try based on the characteristics of your favorite zodiac sign. Don't agree with the list? Tell me you're a Capricorn without telling me you're a Capricorn.

Libra is another indecisive sign, but they also love to please everyone. So they have to be a food that not only gives variety, it also has to be universally adored. Cue: a taco entrance. Fish tacos, breakfast tacos, bulgogi tacos, carnitas tacos, sisig tacos... You can put anything in between a tortilla and create a culinary masterpiece. So we're sharing a Chefclub original taco recipe that will raise eyebrows and be enjoyed by all.


Sagittarius is always on the move, and they never stay quiet about it. They love to brag and love to show off their energetic lifestyle. But can we blame them? We love to see the chaos. Which is why we thought, what is the most chaotic food that still makes us want to consume it? Voilá, the potato chip nachos were born! It's like an unhealthy take-out that we eat once a week. We know they are bad for us, yet we keep coming back for more.