Crispy Wishbone

And plenty of puppies to go with :)

35 minutes - 6 people

Made by you!




10.5 oz corn flakes

3.5 oz white chocolate

6 strawberries

3.5 oz dark chocolate

3 Twix ®

36 chocolate chips

12 Chocolate Frosted Flakes ®


Parchment paper

1. Pour the melted white chocolate over the corn flakes, mix well, and arrange them in the shape of a bone on parchment paper. Leave to dry in a cool place. Cover the strawberries with melted dark chocolate and leave to dry in the fridge.

2. Using melted dark chocolate, stick 4 chocolate chips to the corners of the underside of each Twix ®. Stick 1 chocolate strawberry on top at one end and 2 Chocolate Frosted Flakes ® on top to make ears.

3. Stick a chocolate chip to the other end of the Twix ® to make the tail. Draw eyes on the strawberry with melted white and dark chocolate and use a last chocolate chip to make the noses. Taste the dogs and their bones!

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