Ice Cream Animals

This is the cutest, easiest ice cream cake you've ever seen.

45 minutes - 5 people

Made by you!




1 scoop mint chocolate chip ice cream

1 scoop raspberry sorbet

1 scoop mango sorbet

1 scoop caramel ice-cream

1 scoop coconut sorbet

2 pieces Cookie Crisp ® cereal

6 pieces Chocolate Fosted Flakes ®

8 chocolate chips

3 brown M&M's®

2 marshmallows

2 heart-shaped sprinkles

1 tub pistachio ice cream

White chocolate

Dark chocolate

Nesquik® cereal

Cocoa Krispies ® cereal

1. Place the 2 Cookie Crisp ® cereals at the top of the caramel ice cream scoop to make ears and place 1 Chocolate Frosted Flake ® in the middle to make a nose. Make eyes with 2 chocolate chips and finish off the bear's nose by drawing with melted white chocolate on the Frosted Flake ®.

2. Make 2 ears with M&M's ® on the coconut scoop, add 2 eyes with Frosted Flakes ® and a nose with a brown M&M's ®. Draw the eyes in melted white chocolate on the Frosted Flakes ® and finish the panda's nose with melted dark chocolate.

3. Cover half of the mango scoop with Nesquik ® cereal. Make 2 ears at the top with Frosted Flakes ® and make a nose with half a Frosted Flake ®. Add 2 chocolate chips for the eyes and draw the mouth with melted dark chocolate.

4. Cut 2 pieces of marshmallow into ears to place on the raspberry scoop. Add 2 eyes with chocolate chips then cut a snout from marshmallow to make the nose of the pig.

5. Cut 2 slices of marshmallow to make elephant ears on mint chocolate scoop. Add 2 chocolate chips for the eyes, heart-shaped sprinkles for the cheeks, and cut a trunk out of the remaining marshmallow to be placed between the sprinkles.

6. Demold the tub of pistachio ice cream and place the animal scoops on top. Decorate the contour with Cocoa Krispies ® cereal and enjoy!

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