Ice Cream Animals

This is the cutest, easiest ice cream cake you've ever seen.


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Total time: 45 minutes

Ingredients for 5 people

1 scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream

1 scoop of raspberry sorbet

1 scoop of mango sorbet

1 scoop of caramel ice-cream

1 scoop of coconut sorbet

2 cookie crisp ® cereal

6 chocolate fosted flakes ®

8 chocolate chips

3 brown m&m's®

2 marshmallows

2 heart-shaped sprinkles

1 tub pistachio ice cream

white chocolate

dark chocolate

nesquik® cereal

cocoa krispies ® cereal

Step 1/6

Place the 2 Cookie Crisp ® cereals at the top of the caramel ice cream scoop to make ears and place 1 Chocolate Frosted Flake ® in the middle to make a nose. Make eyes with 2 chocolate chips and finish off the bear's nose by drawing with melted white chocolate on the Frosted Flake ®.

Step 2/6

Make 2 ears with M&M's ® on the coconut scoop, add 2 eyes with Frosted Flakes ® and a nose with a brown M&M's ®. Draw the eyes in melted white chocolate on the Frosted Flakes ® and finish the panda's nose with melted dark chocolate.

Step 3/6

Cover half of the mango scoop with Nesquik ® cereal. Make 2 ears at the top with Frosted Flakes ® and make a nose with half a Frosted Flake ®. Add 2 chocolate chips for the eyes and draw the mouth with melted dark chocolate.

Step 4/6

Cut 2 pieces of marshmallow into ears to place on the raspberry scoop. Add 2 eyes with chocolate chips then cut a snout from marshmallow to make the nose of the pig.

Step 5/6

Cut 2 slices of marshmallow to make elephant ears on mint chocolate scoop. Add 2 chocolate chips for the eyes, heart-shaped sprinkles for the cheeks, and cut a trunk out of the remaining marshmallow to be placed between the sprinkles.

Step 6/6

Demold the tub of pistachio ice cream and place the animal scoops on top. Decorate the contour with Cocoa Krispies ® cereal and enjoy!

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