Cheesy Pacman

Putting the fun back into feeding time ;)

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Chefclub Kids

Total time: 15 minutes

Ingredients for 4 people

12 babybel ® cheeses

4 eggs

1 2/3 cups of breadcrumbs

olive oil





High sided pan


Large white plate

Step 1/3

Shell the Babybel ®. Using the straw, make 2 eyes in 6 of the Babybel ® and 1 in the others. With the tip of a knife, carve the base of Pacman's ghosts in the Babybel ® with 2 eyes and Pacman's mouth in those with only one.

Step 2/3

Bread all the Babybel ® by coating them in flour, beaten eggs and then breadcrumbs and fry them.

Step 3/3

On the large plate, use the ruler to draw the Pacman maze in ketchup and place the Babybel ® in the middle. Draw the Pacman dots with mustard. Enjoy the characters by dipping them in ketchup and mustard.

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