Rubik's Cube Cookie

Rubik's Cube Cookie! Try to solve this dessert


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Total time: 15 minutes

Prep time: 15 minutes

Ingredients for 4 people

Pixy sticks

Candy melts

Royal icing

Dark chocolate

Shortbread cookies



Cling wrap

Cookie cutter



Step 1/3

First, open four pixy sticks and empty their contents into separate bowls of colored candy melts. Then, use droppers to fill the straw-shaped wrappers with the melted chocolates. Place the filled wrappers in the freezer to set. Finally, sharpen the tips of the chocolate straws using a pencil sharpener.

Step 2/3

Cover the interior of a square cookie cutter with cling wrap. Next, pour yellow candy melts into the mold, ensuring that the sides are evenly coated. Let the candy set, then carefully remove the mold to reveal the candy square. Place the chocolate straws inside.

Step 3/3

Begin by taking six shortbread cookies and topping each one with white royal icing. Then, use dark chocolate to draw a grid pattern on top of the icing. Using royal icing as glue, carefully stack the cookies to form a cube. Fill the inside of the cube with your favorite candy and seal it closed. Serve and enjoy!

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