Candy Sushi Buffet

Candy Sushi Buffet! You will have a roll making this dessert 😉🍣


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Total time: 15 minutes

Prep time: 15 minutes

Ingredients for 3 people

4 cups of rice krispies

1 container of fluff


Swedish fish

Jelly beans


Shredded coconut

Goldfish crackers

Milk chocolate


Sushi mat

Cling wrap

Step 1/4

In a bowl mix rice krispies and fluff. Add cling wrap to a sushi mat. Add the rice krispies mixture on top. Make 2 rolls; one with string candy and the other with swedish fish. Cut into slices and set aside.

Step 2/4

Decorate the top of the rolls with sour candy strips and pieces of laffy taffy.

Step 3/4

Make balls with the rice krispies treats and wrap a thin piece of licorice around them. Cover with coconut flakes. Add cut jelly beans on top. Create rectangles and square with the rice krispies and decorate with the different candies and goldfish crackers.

Step 4/4

Melt the chocolate and pour into a rectangle shape. Place in ice water to set and unmold. Place the candy sushi on the chocolate plate and enjoy!

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