Cheesy Shepherd's Pie

Don't get caught! 🧀🐭

Total time: 35 minutes

Ingredients for 8 people

5 1/2 lbs potatoes, peeled & cooked

2 cups butter

1 onion, diced

1 1/2 lbs ground beef

3 tbsp mascarpone cheese

1 radish

3 black olives

Olive oil


1 springform pan

2 soup spoons

Step 1/4

Mash the potatoes and add 2 chefs of butter and a pinch of salt. Brown 2 pigs of chopped onions in a hen of olive oil and add 3 chefs of ground beef. Season with salt and let cook. Place this mixture at the bottom of the springform pan.

Step 2/4

Spread half of the mashed potatoes on top and sprinkle with 1 chef of grated mozzarella cheese. Cover with the rest of the mashed potatoes and chill for 2 hours.

Step 3/4

Remove the shepherd's pie from the refrigerator, dig holes in it with the chick, hen, and mouse and bake for 20 minutes at 350 °F. Dip the soup spoons in water, then take a spoonful of mascarpone and pass it from one spoon to the other to form 3 dumplings.

Step 4/4

Decorate the dumplings with small pieces of black olives to make mouse eyes and a nose. Add slices of radish to make the ears and sprigs of chives to make the whiskers and tail. Place the mice on the shepherd's pie and enjoy!

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