Ham & Cheese Sandwich Bites

A deep fried dream 😍

25 minutes - 3 people

Made by you!


9 slices white bread

3 slices ham

6 slices Swiss cheese

1 1/2 tbsp butter

2 3/4 tbsp flour

1 cup milk

1/4 cup cornstarch

2 eggs

1 lb potatoes

10 cherry tomatoes

Salt & pepper

Mixed greens

Balsamic vinegar

Chefclub garlic & herb salad seasoning


3 wine glasses

1 toaster

1. Place slices of white bread, Swiss cheese, and ham on work surface and use wine glasses as cookie cutters to remove 9 circles from the center of the bread slices. Remove 6 circles from the ham slices and 6 circles from the Swiss slices. Then set aside the ham, Swiss, and bread scraps in salad bowls. Prepare the bechamel sauce: melt the butter, then add the flour, and gradually pour in the milk to obtain a homogeneous consistency.

2. Spread bechamel sauce on the top of the 6 ham circles, 9 sliced bread circles, and 6 Swiss circles. Place 1 circle of Swiss cheese on 1 circle of sandwich bread, cover with 1 circle of ham and 1 circle of sandwich bread, then repeat the Swiss cheese, ham and sandwich bread arrangement a second time. Repeat the operation so that you have 3 sandwiches like this.

3. Cook the potatoes. In the meantime, toast the bread scraps in a toaster. Then put them in a blender to make breadcrumbs. Place the breadcrumbs in a bowl and toss the sandwiches in the cornstarch, beaten eggs, and breadcrumbs. Fry the sandwich circles in hot oil.

4. Mash the potatoes and season with salt and pepper. Then fill the freezer bag with the mashed potato and cut off a bottom corner to make a piping bag. Pipe the mashed potatoes in a spiral pattern over hot oil to form fries. Remove excess oil and set aside.

5. Place the mixed greens in the center of a plate, garnish with a few cherry tomatoes, and sprinkle with Chefclub Garlic & Herbs salad mix. Place the fries on top of the salad, then stick 4 skewers on the top of the fried sandwiches to cut them into bite-sized pieces. Place the bites on the plate, serve, and enjoy!

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