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Total time: 15 minutes

Ingredients for 2 people

food coloring


white vinegar



vegetable oil


white rum

orange juice




dry ice


cotton candy



cheddar cheese



Water bottle


Fish bowl

Step 1/8

Brush the inside of a bottle cap with food coloring and put it back on the bottle. Shake the bottle and the water magically changes color.

Step 2/8

Place a whole egg in a glass and cover it with white vinegar. Wait 48 hours and it becomes translucent.

Step 3/8

Heat ketchup with agar-agar and water and put it back into an empty ketchup bottle with a pouring cap. Pour the ketchup drop by drop into a large glass of vegetable oil to form beads. Collect the beads with a strainer and rinse them them in water. Collect the beads again with a strainer and enjoy them on a steak.

Step 4/8

Write with the tip of a knife in the peel of a banana and wait 1 hour for the writing to appear.

Step 5/8

Place a bottle of water in the freezer for 4 hours, hit the bottom and ice will spread in the bottle.

Step 6/8

Pour white rum, orange juice, and curaçao into a fish bowl. Add orange and apple slices and dry ice. Run a damp cloth with a little dish soap over the opening of the bowl to remove the smoke. A large smoke bubble will be made.

Step 7/8

Flambé a small pan of whiskey and pour it over cotton candy that's hiding a tart. The cotton candy will melt to reveal the tart.

Step 8/8

Place a bottle of cold beer in a dish and pour melted cheddar cheese around it. Pour a teaspoon of salt into the beer. It will spread into the cheese. Dip sandwiches in the cheese sauce and enjoy!

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