Lucky Ladybird

Make your wish, cut a slice, and your dream will come true!

40 minutes - 10 people

Made by you!




5 eggs

350g of sugar

1 tbsp vanilla extract

1 pot (120 g) of plain yoghurt

500g of flour

1 sachet (1 tsp) baking powder

20cl sunflower oil

250g of milk chocolate

300g of blackberries

600g of raspberries

10 blueberries

8 Mikado®

2 white chocolate eyes


1 Chefclub by Tefal® cake tin

1. Yoghurt Cake: Mix the eggs, sugar, vanilla, and the yoghurt together (1). Then add flour and baking powder. Add sunflower oil and then pour into the cake tin. Bake for 40 minutes at 180 °C.

2. Once the cake has cooled, cut a 5-cm stripe from the centre of the cake (2), then stick the two cut edges together. Cut two 10-cm pieces perpendicular to the 1st cut. Slices these 2 pieces in two, then place the top part back in the same place where they were removed to form the ladybird’s head (3). Cover the cake in melted milk chocolate (4).

3. FOR THE KIDS: IT’S YOUR TURN TO GIVE THE LADYBIRD ITS SPOTS! Cover the ladybird’s head in blackberries and make a line down it’s back where the cake was cut (5). Cover the rest of the cake in raspberries (6). Add blueberries on top of the raspberries to form the spots (7). Place the Mikado® on both sides of the cake, then one on either side of its head: They make the legs and the antennae. Place the chocolate eyes on the head, then enjoy (8)!