6 Scary Desserts

It's Halloween Ghouls!


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Total time: 15 minutes

Ingredients for 6 people

chocolate cake

melted chocolate

melted white chocolate

m&ms, orange and brown


powdered sugar

round cookies


red food coloring


whipped cream

green food coloring




large cake


chocolate sprinkles

cake decorations



Parchment paper



Step 1/6

Cover a chocolate cake in melted chocolate, then in a spiral form, add white chocolate. Using a skewer or toothpick, make lines starting from the center and pulling outward to create a spider web pattern. Cover with orange and brown M&M's and other scary candies. Dust with powdered sugar.

Step 2/6

On your favorite round cookie, place white royal icing, then dip walnuts in red royal icing. Place the walnuts on the cookies and dot with additional red icing. Enjoy.

Step 3/6

On brownies, frost with green icing. Take a strawberry and cut off the leaves, then cut a small opening on the large end. Paint the opening with dark chocolate and use white royal icing to create teeth around the opening. Place the cut side down on the green icing. Dust with Oreo crumbs. Enjoy.

Step 4/6

Melt white chocolate, then using a spoon place a little on a parchment paper and pull back creating a ghost shape. Use dark chocolate to paint on a scary face. On an already decorated cake, adhere the chocolate ghosts. Decorate with sprinkles of choice.

Step 5/6

Dip strawberries in melted dark and white chocolate, when placing on parchment to dry pull down to create a trail of chocolate (add more as needed to create a ghost shape). Freeze until hard. Use chocolate to draw on faces. Place on top of frosted cupcakes.

Step 6/6

Fill orange balloons with a mix of spooky sprinkles and candies. Blow up the balloons then draw jack o' lantern faces on them. Top with some green ribbons or paper. Then pop when you want the treats inside.

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