3 Cool Scrambled Egg Techniques

Egg dumplings are here to stay. 🥚🥟🍳


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Total time: 30 minutes

Ingredients for 2 people

12 eggs

1 cup of ham, diced

4 cherry tomatoes

1/4 cup of mozzarella, grated

beet juice


vegetable oil

salt & pepper


Small plastic bottles

Steak knife



Parchment paper




Step 1/3

Heat the blade of a steak knife with the lighter and prick the caps of the bottles to make a small hole in their center. Remove the caps and pour 2 eggs into each bottle using the funnel. Season with salt and pepper and close the bottles to mix well. Add beet juice to one of the bottles. Cut 4 discs of parchment paper the same size as the bottom of a pan and cut out heart, butterfly, and star shapes in the middle of each disc. Place a disc on the hot oiled pan and drizzle the yellow or red egg over it using the hole in the cap. Serve hot and enjoy.

Step 2/3

Beat 4 eggs, season with salt and pepper, and pour them into a pan of hot oil through the holes in the colander. Stir the eggs slightly on the pan so that they cook all over. Serve on a plate and add diced ham, halved cherry tomatoes, and chopped parsley.

Step 3/3

Beat 4 salted and peppered eggs in the pitcher and pour some into the ladle held over the flame of a gas stove. Coat the sides of the ladle with a thin layer until the omelet cooks. Add some ham and mozzarella off the heat and fold the omelet over to make a dumpling. Repeat with the rest of the egg and enjoy!

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