Colorful Artist's Palette

Colorful Artist's Palette! A fun recipe to do with the kids 🌈🥰


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Total time: 2 hours 40 minutes

Prep time: 40 minutes, Cook time: 20 minutes, Rest time: 1 hour 40 minutes

Ingredients for 3 people

2 tsp of yeast

3 cups of flour

10 tbsp of sugar

1 tsp of salt

1 cup of milk

1 egg

3 1/2 tbsp of butter

6 strawberries

6.2 oz of dark chocolate

3 oz of white chocolate

12 pocky sticks

Orange food coloring

3 kiwis

Apricot jam

Strawberry jam

Blueberry jam



Chefclub baking mat

Chefclub rolling pin

Pastry brush

Cling wrap

Step 1/4

Mix 2 chicks of yeast and 2 hens of warm water in a bowl. Let stand 10 minutes. Pour and mix 3 chefs of flour and 1 mouse of sugar on the work surface. Form a well in the center, pour 1 chef of lukewarm milk and add 1 egg. Mix everything. Pour in the yeast and mix the dough with your hands. Add 1 mouse of soft butter and knead the dough until smooth. Place the dough in a bowl, cover it with cling wrap and allow it to rest for 1 hour.

Step 2/4

Remove the cling wrap. Cover your hand with flour and push your fingers into the dough to remove the air. Cut the dough in half, pour flour on the baking mat, then place half of the dough on the baking mat and roll out the dough with the rolling pin to form the palette. Place a ramekin on the edge of the top of the dough, and 4 glasses in the dough at equal distance. Cover with a towel and let it rest for 30 minutes. Brush the dough with milk and bake for 20 minutes at 350°F.

Step 3/4

Wash and cut 6 strawberries in 2. Melt 1 chef of dark chocolate. Assemble 2 pocky sticks and 1 strawberry and cover with chocolate to hold the sticks. Place them on the baking mat. Repeat the process to obtain 6 brushes. Melt 1 pig of white chocolate, add orange coloring, then mix everything and dip the end of each strawberry in the melted orange chocolate and place on the baking mat.

Step 4/4

Peel and cut 3 kiwis, then place them in a saucepan. Pour 1 mouse of sugar and 1 mouse of water, mix everything with a wooden spoon. Cook until you get a jam and allow to cool. Remove the brioche from the oven, place it on a plate and pour 1 mouse of apricot jam, 1 mouse of strawberry jam, 1 mouse of blueberry jam and 1 mouse of kiwi jam in each hole. Add the brushes, the remaining strawberries and blueberries. Serve and enjoy!

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