Money Cake

How to properly gift money 😍🍰💰😬🎉


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Total time: 40 minutes

Ingredients for 6 people

7 eggs

1 cup of sugar

1 cup of flour

1/3 cup of cocoa powder

3 cups of heavy cream

1/3 cup of powdered sugar

m&m's ®

monopoly ® money

dollar bills

scotch tape

1 paper towel roll


Electric hand mixer

Large metal mixing bowl



Step 1/4

Tape the dollar bills and Monopoly ® money together in one long money strip. Roll up the money strip.

Step 2/4

Cut the paper towel roll in half and then cut a slot in the middle. Roll the roll in cling wrap and cut out the slot. Place the roll of bills inside and pull the end through the slot a bit.

Step 3/4

Beat the sugar with the eggs. Add the flour and cocoa powder and pour into the mixing bowl. Bake for 40 minutes at 350 °F. Turn out of the mold and cut the cake in half horizontally. Remove a rectangle of cake from the bottom and place the money roll inside. Remove a slot of cake from the top to allow the bills to protrude.

Step 4/4

Whip the heavy cream and icing sugar into a whipped cream and ice the cake. Sprinkle with M&M's ®. Tape the inflated balloons to the bills and pull them out of the cake.

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