Deluxe Croque Monsieur

A giant stack overflowing with rich bechamel!

Total time: 20 minutes

Ingredients for 3 people

12 slices sandwich bread

9 slices swiss cheese

9 slices ham

1 cup bechamel sauce

Grated swiss cheese


1 toaster

3 tall glasses

1 cutting board

Step 1/4

Toast the slices of bread. Use a glass to cut a hole in each slice of bread, ham, and swiss cheese.

Step 2/4

Fill the 3 glasses placed on the cutting board board with béchamel sauce and place a baking sheet on top of them. Flip it all over so that the glasses are upside down on the baking sheet.

Step 3/4

Lay a slice of bread around each glass, add a slice of ham and a slice of cheese and cover with another slice of bread. Repeat until all the ingredients are used up.

Step 4/4

Sprinkle the sandwiches with grated swiss cheese and bake at 350 °F for 15 minutes. Remove the glasses to let the béchamel run and enjoy!