Salmon and Zucchini Pie

Eat with your eyes! 👀

30 minutes - 4 people




2 puff pastry

4 salmon fillets

4 oz cream cheese


Salt & pepper


1. Prick 1 puff pastry with a fork and place the salmon fillets on top so that they form a circle. Brush the pastry around the salmon circle with water and then fold it over the pieces.

2. Cut the dough-covered pieces into 1-inch wide pieces and turn them all 90° so the salmon is visible.

3. Mix the cream cheese with the chopped chives, salt, and pepper. Then spread it over the remaining dough pricked with a fork. Cut the second puff pastry dough into 6 strips of the same width. Cut the zucchinis into thin strips and arrange them lengthwise on the dough strips, slightly overlapping them.

4. Roll a first strip on itself, zucchini side up, and then wrap a second strip around it. Repeat with all the strips until you have a large zucchini flower. Place the flower in the salmon tart and bake for 25 minutes at 350 °F. Remove from the oven, cut into slices and eat.