Joke Recipes

Choose your victims and get ready to laugh! 😂

Total time: 10 minutes

Ingredients for 2 people

Whipped cream






Melba toast

Chocolate mousse



Brussels sprouts

Dark chocolate, melted

White onion

Caramel, melted





Sewing thread





Step 1/8

Sundae Splash: Fill a balloon with water, tie it, and place it in a bowl. Cover it with whipped cream and sprinkles, and place a fork beside the bowl. Wait for your favorite ice cream lover to pop it and get the sundae scaries!

Step 2/8

Coke Eruption: Use a needle and thread to pierce a Mentos piece. Put the Mentos under the cap of a bottle of Coca-cola, pulling the string tight before sealing it. Cut the string and wait for your victim to open the bottle!

Step 3/8

Dentist-recommended Oreos: Remove the cream from the Oreos and replace it with toothpaste. Arrange the Oreos on a plate and top with some sprinkles to make them extra enticing!

Step 4/8

Stinky Deodorant: Replace a stick of deodorant with cheese and wait for your victim to have some unexpected body odor!

Step 5/8

Litter Box Dessert: Finely crush the Melba toast and use chocolate mousse to create large globs on top of the crumbs. Scoop onto a plate and dig in in front of shocked family or friends!

Step 6/8

Wasabi Macaroons: Place the macaroons on a serving plate and replace their filling with wasabi. Wait for an unsuspecting sweet tooth to get a spicy surprise!

Step 7/8

Healthy Cake Pops: Skewer the brussels sprouts and dip in melted dark chocolate. Add sprinkles and wait for your victim to get an unwanted bite of veggies!

Step 8/8

Unexpected Onion: Skewer onions and dip in melted caramel. Arrange on a plate and watch as someone takes a bitter bite!