Ultimate Cheeseburger

That moment when it melts right out of the burger is pure heaven :)

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Total time: 20 minutes

Ingredients for 2 people

1 lb of ground beef

2 babybel cheeses

12 slices of bacon

1 cup of red cabbage

1 cup of shredded carrot

1/2 lemon

2 hamburger buns




1 tbsp of paprika


salt & pepper


Step 1/2

Mix the round beef, the paprika, salt and pepper in a bowl. Form 4 burger patties, then place a Babybel cheese on two of them. Top with the remaining two patties, then seal the cheese inside with your fingers. Wrap each patty with 6 slices of bacon.

Step 2/2

Cook the burgers for 8 minutes per side in a pan. Mix mayonnaise, cabbage, carrot, the lemon juice and the chopped cilantro. Place each burger on a bun and garnish with ketchup, lettuce, tomato slices and coleslaw. Enjoy with French fries.

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