Love Potion & Tiramisu

Love Potion & Tiramisu! A passionate new dessert 😘✨


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Total time: 25 minutes

Prep time: 25 minutes

Ingredients for 6 people

14 oz of lollipops

Pink food coloring

Edible gold glitter

1.3 cups of heavy cream

3/5 cup of mascarpone

6 tbsp of powdered sugar

6 ´pink biscuits

0.4 cup of raspberry juice

3 tbsp of cotton candy

0.2 cup of ginger juice

3.1 cups of champagne

Sugar pearls


Piping bag

Pastry brush

Step 1/3

Melt the lollipops in a skillet. Remove the sticks and add a few drops of pink food coloring. Spray the mold with edible glitter and pour the melted lollipops inside. Use a brush to cover the entire mold, then leave to set at room temperature.

Step 2/3

Mix the cream, mascarpone and powdered sugar and place the preparation in a piping bag. Soak the pink biscuits with raspberry juice. Pipe a first layer of mascarpone cream into the mold, add the biscuits, pushing them well into the cream, cover with mascarpone cream again and smooth everything. Place the cake onto a plate and gently unmold it.

Step 3/3

Make 3 small cotton candy hearts on a plate. Pour the sugar hearts, raspberry syrup and ginger juice into a vial. Place the cotton candy hearts on the rim of the vial, then pour the champagne over them to dissolve the cotton candy. Place the remaining cotton candy in the glasses, serve the cocktails with the cake and enjoy!

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